Who is therapy for?
Therapy is helpful for anyone who is feeling troubled or is finding their life affected by problems they cannot resolve. A trained therapist can help them understand what is going on and to find a way forward.

How long will therapy last?
This depends on the individual. The therapist will help explore the nature of the difficulties and how they may be overcome. We find that people tend to come for:
A time-limited period, typically six to 12 sessions, to work on a specific issue.
Medium-term counselling or psychotherapy, from six to 12 months, for support through a difficult time or event.
Longer term counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, for up to two years or more, to address deeper problems which may have a longer history.

What happens when I want to end therapy?
The decision to end therapy would normally be discussed and anticipated in advance to enable a considered ending. Experience and research suggest that this is the most helpful way to end therapy.

Will therapy make me more dependent on others?
Rather than creating dependency, a period of counselling or psychotherapy can unlock issues leading to a greater resilience and independence of mind.

Isn’t it just like talking to a friend?
Talking to a therapist is different from talking to a friend. Therapists draw on their training to listen without judgement and challenge as well as support.