Therapy can shed light on current difficulties by exploring past experiences and recurring patterns which may never have been questioned before. The therapist’s long experience enables them to deal with a wide range of issues. We will listen in confidence and without judgement.

There will be an initial consultation. This offers an opportunity to consider important emotional and relationship issues and to decide whether counselling or psychotherapy is the right option. This first session, in itself, can be a valuable and clarifying experience.

The therapist and client will then usually agree to regular times for meeting each week. They will also agree the procedure for cancelled and rescheduled sessions.
The decision about when therapy ends is usually anticipated in advance to allow the process of ending to be properly worked through.

In accordance with our professional codes of conduct, what the client brings to therapy is treated with absolute confidence.

Sessions are usually once-weekly. They may continue for an open-ended period of time or for a fixed number of sessions agreed at the start.

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis
All aim to work at a deeper level of the unconscious mind and can involve more than one session a week for an open-ended period of time.

Employee Assistance Provision
This service offers support to companies for their employees. Some of our therapists are EAP affiliates.